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AZ I AM® is committed to guiding your personal journey of Dharma and Self Revelation with absolute realism, trustworthy instruction and modern style. Enjoy a class with our amazing instructors in our beautiful studios, enrich your practice and encourage self growth with our enlightening workshops and events, satisfy your wanderlust with our expansive Yoga Retreats or browse AZIAM®'s eco fashion Modern Goddess™ activewear & lifestyle collections - online or in our shops.

We offer a full schedule of unique classes and events including Music Infused Vinyasa, Deep House Flow, Yoga Barre® Sculpt, Hypno Yin, Core Vinyasa fitness fusion classes and even Kids Yoga + Meditation. Our schedule is layered with Free Meditations, Sound Baths and Live Music to enhance mental wellbeing and health. AZ I AM's special events include The One Day Detox™ Retreat, Wim Hof Breath work, Live DJ Yoga, Astrology Retreats, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and so much more.

We're excited to welcome you to our community!

AZ I AM celebrates with Music & Sound

Whether it's a Music Infused Vinyasa class with modern music, Live DJ's or binaural sound, we've got it covered! Music has the power to alter brainwaves, shifting us into deeper states of consciousness. Research also shows that music enhances our mental & physical health. Combined with intelligent yoga practice = Immersion into Bliss.

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Community Events

AZ I AM® offers a full schedule of unique classes and events. We offer Hot Yoga for All Levels, Music Infused Yoga, Yoga Barre® Sculpt, Heated Deep Stretch, HypnoYoga and Sonic Soul™ Sound Baths.

AZIAM's special events include monthly One Day Detox™ Retreats, Live DJ Yoga, Modern Goddess™ Circles, Crystal Moon Sound Baths, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and much more.

Events & Retreats

Free Meditations

Reduce stress and enhance concentration levels with Meditation. Our Meditations are FREE to those with Class Packages and by Donation without ($10 suggested directly to teacher).

Click below to enjoy 21 free I AM Meditations mixed with binaural sound. Heal your mind, align your life.

Namaste' 🙏

I AM Meditations

Life is too short to be too serious!

What makes AZ I AM so unique is that not only do we love Yoga and revere the Philosophy and Practice, but we like to have a lot of Fun while doing it!

We believe that life is far too short to be too serious. Our teachers are living examples of true Yoga, but without the Guru status, white robes or dogmatic practices. Yes, you will learn alignment and technique. Yes, you will practice Pranic breath work and become an architect of Energy. Yes, you have options to learn History, but one thing you won't find at AZ I AM: strict, homogenized classes or exclusivity hierarchy.

Each week we highlight an I AM theme (ex: I AM Present, I AM Enough, I AM Focused, I AM Funny), as a light-hearted yet powerful way to practice positive states of being together as a community. Our Meditations are FREE to those with Class Packages and by Donation without ($10 suggested directly to teacher) to maintain this pure and positive energy together.

​See you in class!