Women's Health Magazine

Adam Levine, Grammy winning lead singer of Maroon 5 has become a self-proclaimed yoga devotee. Levine shares his playlist and Alanna's yoga workout guiding moves in mysterious ways.

Details Magazine

Details Magazine asked Alanna for exercise tips - Yoga at the Workplace.

Yoga Magazine

Alanna featured as Teacher of the Month in Yoga Magazine's October, 2014 issue. Alanna breaks down various levels of Pigeon Pose, as well as a "Moving Through the Core" sequence.

C Magazine

C Magazine features AZIAM's Kali-fornia Girl Wife Lover™ tank in their Summer 2011 issue.

Mantra Magazine

Mantra Yoga + Health editors picked the AZIAM Karma Capri as one of their favorite active wear pieces.

Dancing with the Stars!

Check out Season 13 Dancing With The Stars' contestants wearing and loving AZIAM Yoga!

Self Magazine

Alanna shares an eight movement Shoulder-Opening Yoga Sequence with Self.

LA Family Magazine

LA Family Magazine votes Alanna "Best Yoga Teacher in LA".

C Magazine

C Magazine gave Alanna a high five review when visiting La Costa Resort and the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.

The LA Girl

Meet Alanna Zabel, founder of AZIAM Yoga and creator of Yoga Barre™.

Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine listed Alanna as one of "Hollywood's Hottest Trainers." Check out the great trainer health and fitness advice!

InStyle Magazine

Check out Marishka Hargitay, Hilary Swank and Debra Messing sporting their AZIAM Wife Lovers.

People Magazine

Check out Marishka Hargitay and Debra Messing looking fabulous in their AZIAM Wife Lover's made specifically for the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Golf Digest

Paulina Gretzy wearing AZIAM's Karma Capri for cover shoot of Golf Digest, May 2014.

Whole Living Magazine

Read Alanna's advice on headstand postures in The Yoga Newbie Chronicles.

Self Magazine

Check out Alanna's personalized Goddess Workout as featured in Self Magazine. Using hip-opening movements and fluid stretching, any woman can feel the flow of Goddess-like energy after this workout.

Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine voted AZIAM "Spirit" points for giving back.

iYoga Life

Take a look at Alanna's personalized back-strengthening workout for rocker Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Buffalo Magazine

Buffalo Magazine highlighted Alanna's journey to create AZIAM in their feature, Buffalo Bred.

Life & Style Magazine

AZIAM Active Wear featured with a Life & Style giveaway.

TV & Radio

PopSugar Live

PopSugar host Allie Merriam invited Alanna to their studio in NYC to chat about yoga & weight loss tips.

The Better Show

Alanna answers The Better Show host's, JD and Rebecca, about what you eat being an indicator of your personality.

Winging It!

During Breast Cancer Awareness Week, Alanna popped into CW23's Morning Show Winging It! Buffalo Style to share the health benefits of juicing.

KTLA 5 News

Alanna stopped by KTLA 5 News with Lu Parker to discuss her new book As I Am, which aims to quiet outside noise while reconnecting with your true life purpose.

KTLA 5 News

Fun times at KTLA 5 News talking Kids / Teens Hip Hop Yoga!!

AM Buffalo

Alanna stopped by KTLA 5 News with Lu Parker to discuss her new book As I Am, which aims to quiet outside noise while reconnecting with your true life purpose.

KTLA: Goddess for a Day

Alanna shows KTLA 5 News the benefits of juicing and yoga.

Extra TV

AZIAM Activewear was featured on Extra TV's Extra Hot Deals on July 24, 2013.

CW Buffalo

Alanna shares business tips for a Women in Business Weeksegment on CW's Winging It!


AZIAM Karma Capris on E! News 'Love It Buy It'.

Arthur Kade's Spreecast

Fun interview with Arthur Kade on his world famous Spree Casts!

NPR It's Your Health

Alanna was interviewed on NPR's "It's Your Health" by the forward-thinking health expert, Lisa Davis.

NPR It's Your Health

Alanna shared The Dharma Zone, As I Am and how to find and live your passion with Lisa Davis on NPR's "It's Your Health".

KTLA 5 News

Alanna stopped by KTLA 5 News to discuss some great tips to Spring Clean and Detox!

KTLA 5 News

Alanna presented her new book, Meaningful Coincidence. Enjoy these spiritually realistic tips to get synchro-nized and live more authentically.

The Better Show

Alanna showed JD and Rebecca some basic yoga stretches for tight lower back and hips that are safe for prenatal and beginners.

AM Buffalo

Alanna on WKBW's AM Buffalo with her new book As I Am chatting with Linda Pellegrino about Yoga - both the mental and physical aspects.

The View

The Mat Mat™ by AZIAM Yoga is the first patent-pending yoga mat towel, uniquely designed to secure effortlessly to your yoga mat.

Today Show

AZIAM Activewear was featured on The Today Show's Steals and Deals on July 18, 2012 & December 12, 2012.

CW Network News

CW host, Matt Snyder, gets a little yoga lesson from Alanna.

KCAL 9 News

Alanna demonstrates a few Yoga Barre™ movements on a KCAL 9 news segment in Los Angeles.

WBBZ What's the Buzz

WBBZ's What's The Buzz Show invited Alanna to their set to discuss her new book As I Am.

Winging It!

Alanna visiting CW23's Morning Show Winging It! in Buffalo to share her new book As I Am and show a few pieces from her active wear line, AZIAM.

The LA Girl

The LA Girl interviews Alanna: 5 Tips on Living a Yogi Life

her future

Macha Einbender interviewed Alanna for Gabrielle Berstein's 'her future' digital sisterhood.

LA Talk Radio

Alanna was interviewed by Kathy Kaehler LA Talk Radio's "Fit and Sexy For Life."



Adam Levine

"My devotion to the practice of yoga literally began as a suggestion from my trainer. He recommended I try working with Alanna once a week to help with my pain and flexibility issues. After our first session I vowed never to lift another weight again. Within weeks I had emptied out my gym leaving only wood floor and a mat. Since the first day I started practicing my life has been notably "lighter" in all ways. I am thankful to Alanna for helping to change my life."

- Adam Levine, Maroon 5


Emeka Okafor

Alanna is phenomenal!!! Her knowledge of the body and mind combined with her pleasing, easy-going personality makes for a great yoga experience. As a professional athlete my body is my livelihood. In order for me to perform at my best, I have to train with the best. And Alanna by far is surpassed by none."

-Emeka Okafor, NBA


Vikki Ziegler

"Alanna Zabel has created a book that helps transform your mind, body and spirit. Her words are her own. Her honesty and courage to take her own personal journey, is beyond refreshing and enlightening. I highly suggest reading this fantastic compilation to better your health and spiritual journey."

- Vikki Ziegler, Celebrity Divorce Attorney & Host of Bravo's Untying The Knot


David Jenkins

"Apart from being an extraordinarily personable yoga goddess, she is bright and insightful, especially in the woman's journey towards self actualization. Alanna practices what she preaches. Alanna talks the talk. Alanna walks the walk. As a successful entrepreneur in the protein nutrition business, it is easy to recognize outstanding drive and commitment as well as great flare and creativity with street smart commercial savvy."

- David Jenkins, Olympic Medalist, Creator of Designer Whey Protein


Deepak Chopra

"Alanna is a passionate teacher with a natural gift for teaching children."

- Deepak Chopra, MD, Author & Co-founder of The Chopra Center


Mary Bemis

"Alanna Zabel is a gifted and inspirational teacher, and As I Am is a practical and gentle guide to help people realize their fullest potential. By following "The Dharma Zone," a 21-day program full of daily practices, readers will find the much-needed space within themselves to live truthfully and in harmony."

- Mary Bemis, Founder, and Co-founder, Organic Spa Magazine.


Dave Stewart

"Alanna taught me how to breathe, bend and bounce my way back to fun and fitness. Practicing Yoga with Alanna is like having a great jam session with your body and mind!"

- Dave Stewart, the Eurythmics


Kelly Lynch

"The right yoga for me is a practice that is challenging, confronting, releasing and inspiring to the true self; that authentic person in all of us. From the day beautiful Alanna stepped into my life, I could feel those pesky extraneous layers start to strip away and the real me emerging, like the peels off an onion. What a gift it is to find a teacher who can take you there, to the wonderful journey home."

-Kelly Lynch, Actress


Alexi Lubomirski

"I feel I've learnt more facets of human and spiritual personality behaviors in the first forty pages of Alanna's book than I have in all the books I have read!"

~ Alexi Lubomirski, Celebrity Photographer, Activist, Author

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