Alanna Zabel

 AZ I AM® Founder Alanna Zabel brings over 25 years of fitness/wellness experience, with a passion for helping others connect with their organic self. She is the creator of Yoga Barre®, a registered ERYT-500 yoga instructor, Pilates and fitness instructor. In 2000, she founded her own unique YogaDance company based on combining the essential movements of yoga with modern dance. Her first performance was choreographed for a private party at Michael Jackson's home and performed at Neverland. Her performances have been requested at fashion shows, conferences and private parties.

With a flare for style and design, Alanna launched the premium AZ I AM® Active Wear collections. Beyond her accomplishments as an instructor, performer, program director, writer, and designer, Alanna is a creative force and a teacher with a passion for kids. In addition to fourteen children's books with yoga and wellness themes, she single-handed created The World's First Yoga Doll® and Soul Model collections.

Voted "Best Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles" in 2011 by LA Family Magazine and one of "Hollywood's Hottest Trainers" by Shape Magazine in 2014, Alanna is passionate about teaching yoga through her classes, life and writing. She is the author of As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality and Meaningful Coincidence: Synchronistic Stories of the SoulHer children's book titles include The Seven Doors, a children's version of Deepak Chopra's best selling The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Alanna stars in five fitness DVDs: Yoga Total Body Makeover and Pilates Yoga Fusion, as well as Beginner Level Yoga for Toning, Flexibility + Stress ReliefCardio + Conditioning Yoga, and Beginner Level Yoga which became a nationally bestselling fitness DVD in 2016.​

Our Teachers


Ryan Blowers

Ryan is known for teaching a nonjudgmental and authentic power Vinyasa flow with creative core work mixed with focus on breath from the soul, fun balance poses and next level flexibility. Ryan has been in yoga and fitness Los Angeles for over 10 years. With an extensive training in Spinning and fitness coaching, he always assumed that yoga would be easy and fun. After my first class I discovered it was NOT as easy as imagined, but the true surprise was the sense of PEACE and JOY that he found. Extending this energy, Ryan gives back by volunteering at a local kindergarten farm to table program in Venice. If you can't give back to someone else, at least with yoga you can always give back to yourself!!

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Susie Frank

Susie is a natural yoga teacher with a passion for the practice, which comes out in her teachings where she adds a fun-loving element and humor to lighten the energy in the room. She is known for having strong vinyasa flow classes, adding inversions and arm balances, without losing focus of alignment and safety. Be prepared to sweat, grow, breathe and fly. You will be right side up and upside down during the practice. Her approach is very hands on, as well as giving personalized adjustments to each student. Experiencing more than just a yoga class, students leave the room feeling invigorated, empowered, and craving the next chance to get on their mat.


Zachary Winberg

Seven years ago Zachary walked into his first yoga class a complete beginner - stiff, nervous, and a bit uncertain about his direction in life. Since that first class, a beautiful story has unfolded with various yoga and meditation practices being the guiding force. Zachary completed his teacher training in February of 2018 under Byron De Marse and Paul Teodo in Ubud, Bali. Since then, he has taken his practice and teaching all over the world. He has been teaching yoga full time the last few years in Cologne, Germany and stoked to be back in Los Angeles where it all started. You can expect a strong power/vinyasa yoga class laced with practical spirituality that you can apply to your daily life.


Maeve McCaffrey

Maeve McCaffrey is a Yoga, Sculpt, Barre & Fitness instructor. She has worked in many facets of health and fitness for some of the most elite brands in the industry, she has been top tier Private Trainer, Master Trainer and Group Yoga/Fitness instructor for the Sports Club/LA; Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Teacher Trainer and National Director of Teachers and Programming at YogaWorks; and Yoga and Group Fitness instructor at Equinox.


Brent Laffoon

As a teacher, Brent strives to give back to others as much of what yoga has given to him. Sometimes that means guiding people through various breath and/or movement practices. Sometimes it means teaching anatomy or leading discussions about yogic philosophy. Other times it means telling a relevant story, or recommending a good book… or maybe going for a walk. As any yogi will tell you, there are as many ways to practice yoga as there are people on Earth.

The classes he teaches tend to be on the athletic side. Some people have gone so far as to call them intense. 🙂 But rest assured that he balances the rigor with a healthy sense of play.


Carrie Costello

Carrie has been teaching for over 14 years. Her roots are in Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. Her thirst for knowledge is what fuels her enthusiastic manner. She views yoga as a continual journey that influences her approach to teaching. She believes yoga shines a light and connects us with our true nature.

Carrie prides herself in her attentiveness to proper alignment, safety and breath. She has an exuberant spirit and encourages a balance between working hard and joyfully exploring one's own practice, stepping into the light of consciousness and familiarity with one's unique and special spirit.


Lucas Skywalker

Lucas Varella is a movement healer specializing in Modern Hatha Yoga, with international experience in the health and fitness field. Beyond his yoga practice, rock climbing, capoeira, mountain biking and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are some of the activities he practices. As a seasoned professional in the Personal Training world, Lucas has trained a variety of athletes including Olympic gold medalists, professional athletes, and Broadway performers. Among his extensive credentials and certifications, Lucas completed over 800 hours of Yoga training after earning his master’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion (emphasis in Rehab Sciences) from CALU. He holds advanced health & fitness credentials which has helped him develop a unique approach to optimize client’s experiences and results. Lucas’s passion in helping people become the best version of themselves is truly a special gift.

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Sally Turner

Sally has been teaching yoga for 20 years here on the westside both in the studio and in-home private sessions. A retired modern dancer, she brings the joy of movement to her vinyasa flow practice with a focus on the spaces in between the poses. Her music driven class strikes the balance of strength and flexibility and is dedicated to celebrating life - the journey over the destination.


Noelle Maremont

Noelle Maremont attended the very first Yogaworks teacher training in the early 90’s. This training was led by Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford. The classical Yogaworks teaching style, a combination of ashtanga and Iyengar, is deeply ingrained in her teaching. Since then, Noelle has continued teaching and practicing but she still feel as though she is just getting started, a forever student lucky enough to share what decades of great teachers, students and practice have taught her. All of her classes are multi level, always offering options within a full body flow based in meditation on the breath.


Katie McCluskey

Hello everyone! My name is Katie. As a professional dancer, movement has always been essential to my everyday life. I love teaching group fitness classes and the energy we create together. I have been teaching Cardio Sculpt & Yoga Sculpt classes for the last few years and am so happy to join the AZ I AM community. I also offer personal training and nutrition coaching as a NASM certified trainer - so let's focus on your fitness and wellness! I can’t wait to see you in class!


Lee Wolfort

Lee has been teaching yoga for 14 years. She is a YogaWorks® Certified E-RYT 500-hour instructor, having additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, Reiki Level 2, Anatomy, and Injury Management. Lee specializes in mindful, alignment-based flow classes, Yin, Urban Zen, Restoratives, Injury Management and Meditation including the deep practice of Yoga Nidra. She gently encourages students to slow down and experience their internal journey as well as the physical practice and subtler aspects of the energy body. Her teaching style is filled with compassion and gentle doses of humor!


Laine Baumgarten

Laine is a registered Vinyasa yoga teacher through the University of Washington Athletics, a Sculpt instructor, NASM certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and Reiki healer. As a personal trainer she has a passion for both the spiritual and the physical elements of yoga and fitness. Come ready to flow with a combination of Vinyasa sequencing and healing breath work/meditation, plus a fitness flare of fiery sculpt movements and core work for a full body workout. Laine’s classes offer modifications and options suitable for all levels, with a focus on holding space for each student to listen to their inner voice and unique body during practice.


Doug Duchon

D oug is best known for playing the handpan and captivating students with live music for breathwork and blissful shavasanas . He has been teaching yoga since 2018 after leaving the corporate world as a risk manager in the aerospace engineering industry. Yoga empowered him to heal and to find roots within himself. Doug brings his engineering background to his approach as a teacher, and he has had a diversity of training including Yin, Restorative, Bhakti Vinyasa, Kirtan, and Asthanga Vinyasa styles of Yoga. He developed himself as a teacher living, studying, and teaching yoga in the beautiful yoga retreat center vortex of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

moonbird pose

Marisa Moonbeamz

Marisa is a powerful yet spiritual Vinyasa and Yin instructor, combining dharma with cinematic music and creative sequencing. Coming from a family of yogis in Texas she has been practicing for over 20 years and was certified to teach in India in 2018. Marisa utilizes music, yogic philosophy, hands-on adjustments, and options for inversions in every practice - always with a focus on drishti, bandhas, and the breath.


Sundarri Maria

My name is Sundarri, and I am a Healer, Kriya Initiated Yoga Teacher, Actress, Musician, and Friend. The practice of Yoga through Pranayama, Meditation, and Kriya has truly changed the way I show up in my life, and how I approach my art. To me, Yoga is not just about who can be the most flexible, or the most athletic, it's about creating a sacred connection to the mind and the body, making space for stillness, divine love, and grace. I pride myself in my ability to take my students through a journey during my class. I invite you to come travel within to reach a deeper state of peace, fulfillment, and consciousness with me! Om Namah Shivaya!


Soul Lorain

Soul is a dancer, performing artist and certified Yoga teacher. Her mission is wellness on all levels while assisting others to be their truest and most expressed self. Her class is invigorating as it is healing, guiding her students to look within while taking time for necessary recharge.


Rima Thierry

Rima believes in moving and breathing the body as a way to uncover our own unique nature, to feel connected and grounded, and to step into our radiance and grace through unconditional love and acceptance. She has been practicing for over 20 years, and has trained and is certified in both the Kundalini and the Hatha lineages under the guidance of yoga masters including Gurmukth, Guru Singh and Saul David Raye. She has a passion for women’s work, and is also a birth doula and lactation counselor. When she is not on her yoga mat, she can be found running after her 4 little boys.


Shane Thunder

Shane is a California-based Master Sound Alchemist residing in Santa Barbara, CA. After self-inducing a kundalini awakening in Dec. 2011, he has traveled throughout the country for the last 8 years offering his 432hz Spirit Metacine in the passionate belief of unifying the body, mind, and spirit thru the healing arts. He has held space for workshops, instructional classes, and ceremonies guided by his Higher-Self to share his musical gifts with the crystal Gemstone singing bowls and many more instruments.

Shane is currently on tour with national and international events, festivals, retreats, and studios for 2020 and beyond! He looks forward to sharing a unique experience to release what no longer serves you and will align you with Spirit!