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AZIAM is a wellness lifestyle company inspired by the ancient practices of yoga. We are committed to guiding your personal journey to your most authentic life possible; a life embracing present moment realities, developing personal strength, contemplative wisdom, self-knowledge and appreciating organic beauty. Our philosophy is simple . . .BE YOU.

Press & Testimonials

"Alanna taught me how to breathe, bend and bounce my way back to fun and fitness. Practicing Yoga with Alanna is like having a great jam session with your body and mind!"

- Dave Stewart, the Eurythmics

"Alanna Zabel is a gifted and inspirational teacher, and As I Am is a practical and gentle guide to help people realize their fullest potential. By following "The Dharma Zone," a 21-day program full of daily practices, readers will find the much-needed space within themselves to live truthfully and in harmony."

- Mary Bemis, Founder, and Co-founder, Organic Spa Magazine.

"Alanna Zabel has created a book that helps transform your mind, body and spirit. Her words are her own. Her honesty and courage to take her own personal journey, is beyond refreshing and enlightening. I highly suggest reading this fantastic compilation to better your health and spiritual journey."

- Vikki Ziegler, Celebrity Divorce Attorney & Host of Bravo's Untying The Knot

"Apart from being an extraordinarily personable yoga goddess, she is bright and insightful, especially in the woman's journey towards self actualization. Alanna practices what she preaches. Alanna talks the talk. Alanna walks the walk. As a successful entrepreneur in the protein nutrition business, it is easy to recognize outstanding drive and commitment as well as great flare and creativity with street smart commercial savvy."

- David Jenkins, Olympic Medalist, Creator of Designer Whey Protein

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  • Chill out with Alanna's latest Audio Meditation Series, As I Am. Her soothing voice blended with healing tones, gongs, bells, and streams will bring you deep relaxation.