AZIAM - The Modern Goddess Lifestyle

AZIAM is a wellness lifestyle company inspired by the ancient practices of yoga. We are committed to guiding your personal journey to your most authentic life possible; a life embracing present moment realities, developing personal strength, contemplative wisdom, self-knowledge and appreciating organic beauty. Our philosophy is simple . . .BE YOU.


AZIAM's vision is to teach our personal formula for well-being to children: physical fitness (a strong and healthy body), heightened mental awareness (a calm and focused mind) and personal power (an accepting and strong spirit) to children ages 6-14. In an age with increasing pressures on our youth, we want to establish strong, confident and conscious children who are self-actualized, positive forces in our world.


AZIAM Kids Yoga Camps/Workshops


The AZIAM Kids intensives and camps teach children the Eight Limbs of Yoga in a simplified, easy to understand format. The physical Yoga practice is merely one of the eight limbs. Although the postures will be taught, the participants will also learn the practice and purpose of meditation, as well as participating in nutrition and health discussions.

With her dynamic teaching style, Alanna captivates the fleeting attention of children. She uses the basics of yoga to teach conscious decision-making and positive self-awareness. These workshops are designed to encourage children to realize their true selves before false illusions can take root.

The co-ed camps are powerful in the same vein as the all girl camps, although different with the obvious mixture of boys and girls. In all the workshops, kids will learn about the inseparable mind-body connection and how this connection affects health and overall well-being. The kids will be encouraged to talk about their feelings, learn non-judgment, how to forgive others, and to take responsibility for their actions.

Upcoming Camp Dates

If you would like to schedule a weekend workshop, join our weeklong yoga camps or schedule a yoga birthday party at your studio or home, or if you would like information on our week-long kids yoga camps, please email