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AZIAM - The Modern Goddess Lifestyle

AZIAM is a wellness lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient practices of Yoga. We are committed to guiding your personal journey to your most authentic life possible; a life embracing present moment realities, developing personal strength, contemplative wisdom, self-knowledge and appreciating organic beauty. Our philosophy is simple . . .BE YOU.

About AZ.I.AM

AZIAM strives to live in harmony with Nature, with organic Dharma - the reality of what is. We are inspired by the individual Self-discovery process, motivated to develop conscious partnerships, and committed to the healthy alignment of mind, body and spirit. We believe in true creative expression, organic beauty and natural abundance.

AZIAM is committed to giving you formulas, products, services and a community to help you live as you are, free of any obstacles that may bind you from being fully you. When we are aligned with organic truth, a positively synchronistic and magical world awaits us all, naturally.

AZIAM Active Wear

In 2003 AZIAM founder, Alanna Zabel, created AZIAM as a one-page website listing her yoga classes and retreats. It literally stood for "Alanna Zabel I AM". In 2007, Alanna was approached by a consultant to Ashtanga Yoga creator and guru, Pattahbi Jois to create a sample yoga line for their projected studio launch, which was earmarked for later that year in Key West, FL.

Alanna saw this as the ultimate way to say thank you to Guruji, the man who created a system of yoga that had been such a transformative part of her life. She consulted with designers, created an unnamed line and presented the samples. They were greatly received by Pattahbi Jois' team.

Several months after Alanna presented the sample line, Pattahbi Jois grew ill, and the plans to open a studio set on hold. He died shortly afterwards, leaving Alanna with the gift she intended for her guru. It literally became the ultimate example of how a gift which you give from the heart turns around to become the greatest gift that you could possibly receive.

Alanna placed the AZ.I.AM label onto the garments and started with very small productions that she sold to her clients and friends. The grassroots beginning of AZ.I.AM Active Wear has led to an incredible premium luxury yoga brand that maintains integrity, meaning and quality at its core. The organic expansion of AZ.I.AM continues to amaze us all.


Based in Southern California, AZ.I.AM's expertise in Yoga, nutrition, wellness and modern style forms the base of the programs and products that we offer our customers.

Our mission is to partner with our customers, empowering them to be their personal best and most authentic self by: 1) Eliminating obstacles (Clear), 2) Accepting present state of being (Be) and 3) Discovering their true self (Reveal). Our premium products are manufactured downtown Los Angeles. They are meant to inspire and parallel one’s yoga journey while giving back to organizations such as the Joyful Heart Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Lu Parker Project, Save Elephant Foundation and more. We want you to be passionate, authentic, fit, well, and by all means, stylish!